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Sep 20 2023

 Pieces perfect for every occasion. 


It’s that time of year when event invitations start flooding inboxes. From formals and graduations to engagement and garden parties – we’ve officially entered celebration season.  

To help you navigate the busiest time of year, we’re helping you decipher event dress codes so you can achieve ‘best dressed’ status at your next event, regardless of the occasion!  

Dissecting the dress code  

We get it, dress codes can be elusive – intimidating mentions of ‘dress to impress’ and ‘black tie’ aren’t always easy to interpret. While these occasions might cause instant wardrobe panic, you don’t have to hit the trigger on your 'What's everyone wearing?' message to your designated group chat just yet.  

From formals and engagement parties to graduations or the many events the end of the year has to offer – we’ve got just the thing to help you make an entrance at your next event.  


Dressing for formal 


It’s officially formal season, which means it’s time to start prepping your outfit for the end of the school year! Formal is the perfect occasion to get dressed up and feel your best. So why not channel your inner elegance and show off your unique sense of style? 

School formals are perfect for showing off your own personal style while feeling dressed up and put together. Keep things sleek and elegant at your Formal with a simple maxi dress, or opt for a sleek midi or pantsuit for added flair to your look. No matter your dress choice, you can effortlessly elevate your formal outfit with a suite of eye-catching accessories. 

Turn heads at your Formal with our collection of trending finishing touches, including our wide range of choker necklaces and corsages. Rosettes are all the rage right now and are perfect for school dances. Style a chic, ballet-core inspired choker necklace featuring chic rosettes from our Perfect Petals Collection for a refined, it-girl finish to your look. 


If (like many of us) you're gravitating towards coquette-inspired accents this season, accessorise your formal outfit with a wide range of ribbons instead. The ribbon trend taking Pinterest by storm is the epitome of 'girlhood.' Designers like Sandy Liang popularized the trend, making the return of ribbons appropriate for just about any occasion. Style our packs of two and four hair bows for a playful finish to your formal outfit. 

Want to feel like a queen at your Formal? Crown yourself as 'Formal Queen' with our collection of Lovisa tiaras. Feel like royalty at your school dance with our wide range of silver, gold, and rose gold headpieces – including our princess-worthy tiaras. After all, everyone should feel like a queen! 


Cocktail Hour  


We may be a little biased, but there’s no occasion more superior than a good, old-fashioned Cocktail party. Despite being our personal favourite, we get that the theme ‘cocktail’ can spark some confusion – so let’s end the second-guessing once and for all. What does the theme ‘cocktail’ actually mean?   

Think of a cocktail party as the grey area between casual and formal – but with a lot more personality. Attire for cocktail-themed occasions should always feel poised and put together, without being too ‘formal.’ Think shorter hemlines and eye-catching statement pieces that give your outfit some unique flair. 

Cocktail occasions are perfect for expressing your own personal style and accessorising to the nines. Grab a clutch, a pair of chunky statement earrings and a pair of heels to match and you’re good to go!  

Discover our chunky cocktail ring collection or our wide range of trending and fashion-forward statement accessories here for more. 


Engagement Parties


Engagement parties are the first big celebration and milestone of a newly engaged couple. These occasions are perfect for showing off your love and enthusiasm through fashion. Traditionally, engagement parties call for ‘cocktail attire,’ so they’re the perfect opportunity to wear your bolder pieces that aren’t wedding-appropriate.  

Embrace sparkle in your engagement party outfit, whether you’re attending as a guest or the bride to be, add excitement to your outfit with a suite of diamante embellished statement pieces. At the moment, we're loving bow motifs - like these sleek ribbon earrings for a feminine finish to your look.


Show off your support for your engaged friends or family with our collection of trending, puffy heart cord necklaces. These simple, ‘90s-inspired necklaces are perfect for making a statement and adding interest to your neckline. Keep things pared back with a simple cocktail dress and chunky heart necklace, or elevate your look with a set of matching heart drop earrings for a lovable look.  

Discover our collection of trending heart jewellery here, or sparkle at your next engagement party with stunning statement accessories from our Diamonds & Pearls Collection here for more.  


Graduation Day


Graduation day is a milestone that will make the memory book. Whether you’re attending your own graduation, or that of a loved one, Graduation Day is an occasion filled with joy and achievement. 

As a reward for all that hard work, pair your look with some picture-perfect and timeless jewellery pieces for a refined, graduation day outfit. Make a considered choice with our collection of premium pieces from the Lovisa Luxe Collection. Crafted from real gold and silver plating, pieces from the Lovisa Luxe range are perfect for styling on special occasions, just like this one.  

Embody elegance or gift your loved ones something special to commemorate the day with premium pieces from our Gold Plated, Sterling Silver and Lovisa Luxe Collections here for more.  


There you have it, the perfect looks for every occasion in your calendar! Discover our collection of Statement Acessories and Latest Arrivals for more event-ready pieces. Plus, don’t forget to tag us in your event looks over on our Instagram with #MyLovisa for a chance to be featured.  

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