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Sep 26 2023

Pieces for your star sign

It’s officially Libra season, which means we’re halfway through this year’s zodiac calendar! Whether you’re celebrating your birthday month or looking to spoil a Libra you love – we've got just the thing to make this season special.  

Traits & Compatibility

Ruled by planet Venus, Libras are lively, social and diplomatic air signs. They make devoted companions and are often the self-appointed peacemakers in any friendship circle.  

Libras are renowned for their warm-hearted and charismatic charm, which enables them to connect with just about anyone. In particular, Libras tend to be drawn to fire signs like Aries and Sagittarius who share common ground with Libras lifestyle.  

This month, instead of playing the mediator, devote your attention inward and relish in the finer things – taking time out of your month to celebrate you.  

Star Sign Jewellery


Looking for the perfect treat-yourself gesture or birthday gift? Discover premium pieces from the Lovisa Zodiac Collection, including signature necklaces and earring packs featuring your star sign.   

Jewellery pieces from our Zodiac Collection are plated with real gold and feature an engraved, or diamante-encrusted zodiac symbol. Sport your star sign with our bestselling Gold Plated Libra Cubic Zirconia Pendant Necklace, or Gold Plated Libra Earring Stack Pack.   

Add a personalised touch to your outfit or celebrate a special Libra in your life with the perfect gift from our Zodiac Collection here. 


Statement Studs


Keep things refined this Libra season with our collection of statement stud earrings. As seen on Liba muses like Bella Hadid and Kim Kardashian, the statement stud trend has quickly become a staple in our jewellery collection.  

The beauty of this trend is that you don’t need multiple ear piercings to create impact. Instead, styling a set of versatile stud earrings can add a sophisticated and pared-back feel to your outfit. 

Level up your look this Libra season by discovering our collection of trending stud earrings, perfect for special occasions or taking your look from day to night.  


Diamonds & Pearls


Libras are known for their love of the finer things in life, and nothing says extravagance quite like some dazzling diamante accessories. Make an entrance at your birthday celebrations with stand-out accessories from our Diamonds & Pearls Collection.  

Channel head-to-toe glamour with our wide range of statement jewellery pieces, perfect for pairing with a classic cocktail dress or pant suit. Gravitate towards diamante pieces with cupchain and tassel details to add drama to your look, ilike this Silver Statement Diamante Jewelllery Set.  

Don't be afraid to steal the spotlight with our wide range of pieces fit for a Libra queen. 


Cocktail Rings


Libras are lovers of balance, and sometimes – carefully curating your ring stack can be somewhat of a balancing act.  

Lean into your lavish side this Libra season and complete your stack with our collection of mesmerizing cocktail rings. Designed with crystals that mimic the same cut and clarity as real diamonds, pieces from our Cubic Zirconia Collection are perfect for adding a premium finish to your look.  

Discover our collection of cocktail rings, perfect for tying together the lavish accents in your outfit or balancing out the motifs in your stack.  


Trending Cord Necklaces


Pay homage to your roots this Libra season and add a hint of nostalgia to your look with trending cord necklaces!  

The fashion trends that once ruled the ‘90s and early ‘00s are back and bigger than ever. Take inspiration from their revival by incorporating playful accents and motifs into your looks this Libra season.  

Style our collection of cord necklaces in a range of different motifs, personal to you! Carry a symbol of self-love with our bestselling puffy heart necklaces or emulate the latest rosette trend with a chic floral choker.  



There you have it Libra, luxe pieces for your star sign! Visit our Libra Collection for more style inspiration during your birthday month. Plus, don’t forget to tag us in your Libra looks over on our Instagram with #MyLovisa.  



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