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Sep 15 2023

The best red carpet looks from this year's MTV VMA Awards 


If you’re anything like us, content from the MTV VMA Awards has likely been flooding your feed this week. From iconic celebrity moments, like Olivia Rodrigo taking out stage lights while debuting her latest album, to Taylor Swift's record-making nine award wins in one night – this year’s VMAs has been one to remember.  

In this get the look series, we’re recapping our favourite celebrity looks from the award show and how you can recreate them yourself. From cubic zirconia earrings, statement necklaces and pops of colour – we've got everything you need to perfect a celeb-worthy outfit.  

Olivia Rodrigo  


Olivia Rodrigo did more than turn heads at this year’s VMA Awards, some would say she spilled her guts on stage too. The Disney actress turned pop star debuted her first live performance from her album ‘Guts’ early during the award show – knocking out stage lights and taking aback audiences. While fans of the ‘Vampire’ music video were clued into the intentional stage malfunctions occurring during her set, celebrity reactions from the crowd showed some confusion.  

Despite their initial concern, Olivia’s transition to the single ‘Get Him Back’ with a suite of backup dancers captured everyone’s attention and has gone down as one of the best performances in VMA history (a win for Olivia fans everywhere).


Not only did Olivia capture attention on stage, but the singer-songwriter wasn’t afraid to shine on the red carpet too. The singer-songwriter took to the carpet in a molten silver gown made from 150,000 Swarovski crystals. To complete the look, Olivia styled a pair of dainty crystal earrings and a collection of chunky crystal rings to tie together the look.  

Turn heads with matching accessories from our Cubic Zirconia and Lovisa Luxe Collections and add a hint of sparkle to your look.  


Sabrina Carpenter


Since releasing her debut album ‘Emails I Can’t Stand’ in 2022, Sabrina Carpenter has become a pop ‘it-girl’ on everybody’s radar. The singer songwriter recently opened for Taylor Swift on the Eras Tour and performed her singles ‘Nonsense’ and ‘Feather’ at the VMAs in true pop-star fashion.  

Not only was her performance outfit a knockout, but she also took the pink carpet in a custom white Vera Wang Haute dress. Paired with a crystal corset and some dainty, crystal accessories to match – Sabrina’s VMAs look was posted just about everywhere.  

Recreate the look yourself with dainty necklaces and earrings from our Sterling Silver Collection or explore premium crystals accessories from our Cubic Zirconia Collection.


Taylor Swift


Taylor Swifts appearance at award shows is always highly anticipated, and this year was no different. Taylor arrived on the VMAs red-carpet sporting what some are calling a ‘Reputation’ inspired outfit. The international pop star wore a black Aterlier Versace gown, complete with gold accents and luxe accessories to match.  

Taylor accessorised her look to the nines with a collection of layered necklaces, chunky rings and a curated stack of gold and crystal earrings. While Taylor made a mark on the red carpet, she also took out the title of most awards won in VMA history — taking home a total of nine trophies in one night.


Recreate Taylor’s reputation-inspired VMAs look with pieces from our Gold Essentials, Boutique and Black on Black Collections.  


Selena Gomez


Selena Gomez graced the VMAs carpet this year in a roaring red gown. Contrasting the purple mini dress she styled at last year’s awards, Selena captured everyone’s attention in a Hollywood staple -- an Oscar De La Renta ‘naked’ dress.  

Selena paired the gown with a curated collection of crystal accessories featuring petal and fan motifs. Amongst them, Selena styled a pair of silver statement earrings and collection of diamante embellished rings for a glamorous finish.  

Selena didn’t just win in the fashion department either. The pop star was awarded, alongside rapper Rema, the ‘best afrobeats’ award for their song ‘Calm Down.’  

Recreate Selena’s Hollywood inspired look with pieces from our Diamond Simulants, Diamond & Pearls and Lovisa Luxe Collections.  


Cardi B 


We’ve been privy to some iconic celebrity VMAs outfits over the years – including the time Lady Gaga accepted her award for ‘best music video’ in a gown dubbed ‘the meat dress.’ While the looks at this year’s MTV Awards weren’t nearly as experimental, celebrities like Cardi B got creative with their look.  

The star strutted the pink VMAs carpet wearing a structured, statement gown made entirely out of hair clips. We know what you’re thinking, hair clips? Yes, hundreds and hundred of silver diamante and pearl encrusted hair clips from the designer Dilara Findikoglu – proving that hair accessories don’t need to be reserved for elevating your hairstyle.  

Cardi B paired the futuristic look with some squared, ombre nails and matching hair-clip embellished wrist cuffs. Recreate Cardi’s eye-catching look with accessories from our Hair Essentials and Hair Clip Collections and experiment with your own evening look! 


There you have it, the top looks from this year’s MTV VMA Awards. To recreate the look yourself, visit our New Arrivals Page for more stand-out accessories. Plus, don’t forget to tag us in your evening looks over on our Instagram with #MyLovisa for a chance to be featured.

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