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Sep 07 2023

Styles for the season


As we bid goodbye to summer and say hello to autumn, there are some key trends to look out for. From iconic celebrity moments to popular street styles spotted at Copenhagen Fashion Week, we’re predicting what the hottest accessory trends will be for the remainder of the year.  

Read our guide and discover the top styles of the season, from the rise of ‘strawberry girl’ to styling ribbons, get the look before anyone else. 

The Strawberry Girl Trend  


Step aside Barbie-core, there's a new muse in town. While pink will always have a place in our wardrobe (and our hearts), the latest 'Strawberry Girl' trend has us raving about red.

If your feed has been full of what people are calling 'strawberry girl' – you aren’t alone. This sunkissed trend has been influencing everything from makeup to nails and now, the way we accessorise. Colours of crimson and ruby red have been spotted on the runway for a few seasons now, but it wasn’t until Hailey Bieber started styling head-to-toe red that things caught on.  

Lean into the ‘strawberry girl’ trend and discover our collection of popular red pieces here for more 


Reinventing Ribbons 


While hair bows might be a cringe-inducing thought for early ‘00s kids, ribbons are officially having a revival – all thanks to the ‘coquette’ fashion trend.  

The coquette trend is a take on traditional ‘girly’ and flirtatious styles. Think lace, ruffles, bows and pastel accents – but with a fashion-forward twist. 

The refinement of hair bows, driven by designers like Sandy Liang, has become a ‘cool girl’ staple that can elevate any outfit. Trendsetters are styling simple ribbons not just in their hair, but pinned to blouses, shoes and even bags. According to Pinterest, the more bows your outfit has the better!  

Explore our collection of chic hair bows in packs of two or four here. Want to experiment with the coquette trend? Discover our entire collection of hair accessories here for more.   


Styling Statement Studs 


Hoop earrings are staples that will forever be a part of our jewellery rotation. But lately, the signature hoops styled by fashion icons like Matilda Djerf and Hailey Bieber are being substituted for oversized studs. 

Statement stud earrings are an effective way to elevate your everyday jewellery game. Trading your huggie hoops for a pair of chunky stud earrings adds a curated feel to your look, without needing multiple ear piercings. 

This season, switch up your usual earrings and style new pieces from our Statement Studs Collection, including these trending oversized Gold Plated Statement Textured Stud Earrings.


Modern Brooches & Pins 


Brooches are no longer reserved for the cool grandmas of the world. Instead, they’re making their mark as a symbol of sophistication and finally getting the hype they deserve.  

The modernisation of brooches and pins made headlines during Spring fashion week, with brands like Coperni, Acne Studios and Gucci showcasing a collection of signature brooches in their collections.  

Since then, brooches have been popping up everywhere – and by everywhere we mean Rihanna at the Superbowl everywhere. Elevate a simple outfit with our collection of brooches and pins here and style the trend yourself. 


Bigger Is Better 


The secret to turning a simple outfit into a statement? Maximising your accessories. Add impact to your look with chunkier profiles this season for an 'it-girl' worthy finish. 

Teardrop earrings and chunky chains have taken centre stage, giving your ensemble that extra dose of personality and flair. These bold pieces not only command attention but also effortlessly blend with the season's other trends, making them a must-have addition to your jewellery collection. 


There you have it, our top trend predictions for the season! Discover our collection of Red Accessories, Trending Ribbons, Statement Earrings, Brooches and more and style these looks yourself. Don’t forget to tag us in your jewellery pics over on our Instagram with #MyLovisa.  

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