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Aug 31 2023

Styling gold & silver pieces 

When you think of age-old ‘fashion faux pas,’ mixing your metals might be one of the first to come to mind. Much like not wearing socks with sandals or styling black and brown together in the same outfit, the fashion don't of two-toned jewellery is being reclaimed with open arms.  

Whether you’re traditionally a gold or silver lover, the two-toned jewellery trend is all about experimentation. Besides, why choose just one metal when you could style them all? In this guide, we’re sharing all the ways you can mix your metals for the ultimate signature look.  

The Mixed Metal Trend  

The revival of the mixed metal trend has grown in popularity in recent years, stemming from fashion trends like dopamine dressing and maximalism that has given us all a license to be more playful with our jewellery.  

The number one takeaway of the mixed metal trend is to be intuitive — this jewellery trend is all about doing what feels right to you. When mixing warm and cool tones in your stack, let your personality and sense of style stand out with unique embellishments, motifs and shapes.  

Ring Stack


Gone are the days when styling a single metal was the only option. The maximalist, mixed metal trend that made headlines at fashion week has shown us that you can, in fact, style gold and silver tones together. 

The key to nailing the mixed metal jewellery trend is all about balance. To achieve a harmonious stack, ensure you’re picking varied pieces that complement each other. Style pieces of different finishes and sizes, tied together by similar embellishments, shapes and motifs. Pair chunkier rings next to daintier profiles for an intentional and captivating stack.   

Perfect your ring stack with curated ring packs from our Stacking Rings Collection or pick out your own signature pieces from our Gold and Silver Ring Collections for more versatility.  


Ear Stack 


When creating a balanced ear stack, working with daintier profiles is the easiest way to achieve a cohesive look. By experimenting with smaller earrings, you can easily achieve a subtle, Pinterest-worthy look.  

Once you've selected your favourite dainty pieces, get creative with the placement of your earrings. The key to a balanced ear stack is dimension. For a classic stack, make your first lobe piercing the focal point of your stack with a larger hoop or drop earring. Gradually decrease the size of your earrings for your second or third piercing opting for smaller hoops or studs. 

For a curated look, pair pieces with similar embellishments at opposing ends of your stack. For example, if the drop earrings you’re styling in your lobe piercing feature cubic zirconia crystals, feature crystals again in your stack.  

Take the guesswork out of your ear stack with our collection of Earring Packs here or curate your own look with pieces from our Gold and Silver Earrings Collections. 


Wrist Stack  


For an impactful and eye-catching wrist stack, variety is the most important step. Rather than styling daintier pieces as you would with earrings, making a statement with your wristwear is encouraged.  

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different styles of bangles, bracelets and wrist cuffs in a range of different styles. Combine solid bangles, chunky toggle bracelets and add variety to your stack with fine chain bracelets and cuffs for added interest. 

Discover our collection of must-have pieces from our Wristwear Collection for more.  


 Layered Necklaces


Layering your necklaces can be one of the most impactful ways to accessorise the mixed metal trend. By layering necklaces of different lengths, metals and designs, you can achieve a unique and sleek look that’s perfect for elevating an everyday outfit. 

For a balanced effect, incorporate a choker and long necklace with the same metal to your stack, and add an opposing pendant. Discover our collection of chokers, pendants and chain necklaces in gold and silver and add a point of difference to your outfit.  

To make styling easier – invest in a necklace separator to keep your chains from tangling throughout the day. These separators are designed to hold up to four individual necklaces at a time, so you can pair your favourite chains together with ease.  

Discover our collection of chokers, pendants and chain necklaces and curate a layered look you love.  



There you have it, the ultimate way to style the mixed-metal jewellery trend. Discover our collection of gold and silver jewellery for more two-toned jewellery inspiration. Plus, don’t forget to tag us in your interpretations of the trend using #MyLovisa over on our Instagram and TikTok.  



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