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Oct 03 2022

How to nail the dress code and stand out at your next event.  

Dress codes can be elusive – but getting your invite in the mail for your next event doesn’t have to cause instant wardrobe panic. Regardless of the occasion, we’re decoding the dress code to help you achieve best dressed status at your next event.  

Cocktail Party 


Cocktail parties are, dare we say – the chicest of them all (and our personal fave). But what does the theme ‘cocktail’ actually mean?  

Think of cocktail as the mid-tier of formal attire with a lot of personality. Cocktail events call for more midi and mini hemlines, rather than your traditional floor length formal wear. These types of events are also ideal for expressing your own unique sense of style and allow you to be more playful with colour and accent pieces. Grab a clutch, a chunky bracelet and a pair of glamorous statement earrings and you’re good to go! Explore our Cocktail collection for more inspiration for your next soiree.  



Engagement Party 


Engagement parties are the first hooray for a newly engaged couple and mark the start of wedding celebrations to come. As a party guest, this is the perfect time to wear your bold, colourful and fun pieces that aren’t quite wedding appropriate.  

Cocktail attire is a safe and common dress code for engagement parties and calls for outfits that are equal parts elegant and fun. We love styling our engagement party outfits with a dramatic flair! Think unique embellishments like gemstones, statement earrings and chic headbands that can pair with a monochromatic or vibrant dress. 




Weddings are important milestones and often require a formal dress code – but don’t let that intimidate you! Attending a wedding is the perfect excuse to dress up and go full glam!  

If you’re struggling to decide what direction you want to take in the style department, follow this tip. Let the wedding venue and season guide your decision. What you might wear to an outdoor wedding in the spring, will differ from an indoor venue during the colder months. And of course, always avoid wearing white! 

Channel understated elegance by adding diamante statement pieces to a pared back outfit. This allows you to look glamorous, while keeping the rest of your wardrobe simple. Our go-to look for weddings? A maxi slip dress, slicked back hair-do and statement accessories that do all the talking.  




Graduation day is a monumental and celebratory moment that deserves to be celebrated with some timeless pieces. For your grad day, or the graduation of a loved one – we recommend keeping things pared back and modern. Opting for a classic, minimalist look is a great way to give your graduation the reverence it deserves.  

Pieces from our gold plated, sterling silver and cubic zirconia jewellery ranges are timeless additions for a day that’ll make the memory book. They also make great gifts too! Explore our premium gifting range for wrapped and ready presents, perfect for milestones.  


Now that you’re prepped and ready for your next event, start exploring our range of statement pieces here. Looking for more inspo? Head to our Instagram for more. 

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