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Sep 28 2022

Lavish pieces for free-spirited Libras  


Libra, you’re the extroverted, free-spirited muse of the zodiacs – and this month is all about youIn true air sign style, this zodiac’s wheelhouse is all about fairness and communication. Libras value their relationships above all else and make loveable, extroverted besties. But don’t be fooled by their free-spirited roots, give an indecisive Libra a deadline decision and you may be waiting a while (a trait we can’t help but love them for).  

Pretty in Pink 


Ruled by planet Venus, Libras love to indulge and treat themselves. Their inherent, extroverted charm means they're a star sign that can pull off just about anything with confidence. This admirable trait means they’re easily drawn to more daring colours and styles.  

Considered Libras might avoid decisions at all costs, but boy do they love to have options. Experimenting with pink pieces can help brighten or add a touch of femininity to any outfit, depending on Libra’s mood. Our Pretty in pink range has pieces both bold and refined for our versatile Libras.



Opal Birthstone 


Libra’s birthstone is the Opal stone – known for its ability to channel protection and harmony, two things that can help ground this flighty air sign. 

The opal birthstone has also been associated with attracting traits of love, passion and desire – which is well aligned with Libra’s ruling planet and love for beauty.  

Style simple accessories with opal birthstones to add a personalised touch to Libra’s everyday jewellery staples. Pick from gold or silver plated opal pieces for a luxe finish!


Diamonds and Pearls 


If given the opportunity, Libra won’t turn down the chance to make an entrance. Afterall, some of the most fashionable celebs share Libra placements, like Kim Kardashian and Bella Hadid – the queens of serving looks. 

Indulge in your fashion fantasy this Libra season and experiment with timeless and glamorous pieces from our Diamonds and Pearls collection. It’s your month to shine after all! For a more elegant, sophisticated style – opt for simple pearl pieces, or go full glam with some dazzling diamonds.


Textured Patterns 


Libras are headstrong and idealistic air signs with a passion for fairness. They make great leaders and are inherently social creatures who can nail the art of the ‘balancing act’. Being an on-the-go, analytical zodiac – this star sign is drawn to practicality, as well as style.  

To suit Libra’s versatility and flighty lifestyle, incorporating genuine plated pieces into Libra’s jewellery collection can help them feel prepared, no matter the occasion. Unique textures and patterns can add a touch of personality and difference to elevate Libras everyday staples.


Experiment with these lavish styles this Libra season! Try out our Pretty In Pink, Diamonds and Pearls or Gold-Plated range and champion your inner muse.  
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