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Oct 14 2022

Recreate these iconic looks for spooky season  

There are two types of people in the lead up to Halloween... the ones who have their costume planned and ready months before October, and those who like the thrill of the last minute (like us).  

If you’ve left your spooky season ensemble to the last minute, or you’re just looking for some outfit inspiration – refer to our list of iconic moments and characters that’ll earn you best dressed at your Halloween plans.

Kylie Jenner's Marilyn Monroe Look


Channel Hollywood glamour this Halloween with one of Marilyn Monroe’s most memorable looks. Kylie Jenner’s recreation of the Hollywood star’s iconic outfit in the movie ‘Gentlemen's Prefer Blondes’ is an ultra-glamorous Halloween costume that’s easier to pull off than you think!   

Marilyn Monroe is an icon whose style, glamour and poise has transcended decades – inspiring the stars of today to recreate the Old Hollywood star’s best looks. From Billie Eilish and Kim Kardashian’s recent Met Ball moments to the new biographical series covering the Hollywood star’s life – Monroe is a fashion figure to embody this Halloween. 

Go glam this Halloween and recreate the iconic look for yourself! Accessorise your costume with some dazzling, diamante pieces from our Cubic Zirconia collection. Style a pair of diamante drop earrings, a chain choker and some layered bracelets to match for a nod to the old Hollywood trend this Halloween. 


Maddy Perez from Euphoria 


The popularity of early noughties fashion is tied to the iconic teen drama 'Euphoria'  and it's easy to see why!

The series is renowned for its use of experimental styles and makeup looks, unique to each of the show’s characters. Euphoria-inspired makeup, nail art and fashion trends flooded our feeds after the show’s release and instantly resonated with Gen Z culture in particular.  

With face jewels, colourful accessories and makeup trends becoming more accessible with the rising trend, recreating your favourite Euphoria character’s look for Halloween has never been easier. This spooky season, get out your blue eyeshadow, gemstones and Y2K hair clips from our Cubic Zirconia collection to recreate Maddy Perez’s cheerleader look as your Halloween costume.

All you need is a pack of face gems, diamante hair clips, crystal huggie hoops – and Maddy’s infamous confidence to pull off the look.


Margot Robbie's Live Action Barbie 


The Barbiecore trend isn't going anywhere soon! This season, our social feeds turned hot pink with paparazzi pictures of Margot Robbie and Ryan Gossling from the unreleased live-action Barbie film.   

From Margot Robbie’s pink western Barbie to her 80s rollerblading look snapped on Venice Beach – recreate the look yourself and bring Barbie to life this Halloween! 

Pull off the pink western look with hot pink accessories and a pair of simple, rhodium drop earrings for your Halloween costume. Or go for rollerblading Barbie with colourful pieces from our 90s Collection


Lupita Nyong as Dionne Davenport


A guide to iconic pop-culture costumes without a Clueless mention? 

The ‘90s chick-flick Clueless has remained a longstanding pop culture favourite, partly because of the film’s fashion alone. This red and black plaid moment, recreated by the talented Lupita Nyong, is a chic and super-simple Halloween costume to pull off for your next dress up party!  

Pull off Dionne Davenport’s iconic look with some simple sterling silver body jewellery, a gold necklace and a matching plaid set. If you don't have the piercings to style the look, try our collection of faux body piercings with versatile hoop packs. Bonus points for a matching Cher and Dionne duo costume!  


Bella Hadid's Lydia Deetz Look 


Channel the ‘strange and unusual’ this spooky season and recreate Bella Hadid’s Lydia Deetz costume from the ‘90s classic, Beetlejuice. 


Gothic glamour cast a spell on the runway during New York Fashion Week this year, marking the comeback of the witchy ‘Goth girl’ trend – all the more reason to gravitate towards accessories with an edge! Make the most of the growing trend and emulate your favourite dark and mysterious characters this Halloween. 

Pair this bold and moody Lydia Deetz wedding Halloween costume with some alternative accessories from our Black on Black collection, and don’t forget to add a pop of red!  


Complete your Halloween costume with Lovisa accessories 

Which look will you recreate for your costume this Halloween? Explore our Halloween Collection to get the look and make sure to tag us in your dress up pics using the hashtag #MyLovisaStyle over on our Instagram

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