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Oct 24 2022

Style these trends during Scorpio zodiac season

This month marks the beginning of Scorpio season, and you know what that means – the spotlight is on you Scorpios (as it should be).

Scorpios are passionate, fierce and notoriously misunderstood star signs. Despite their mysterious reputation, Scorpios are loveable water signs at heart. Don’t let the poker face scare you off, Scorpios are super emotionally intuitive (despite not always showing it) and make incredibly committed and loyal friends.

Scorpio’s ruling planet Pluto governs regeneration and transformation, meaning this Scorpio season is all about fresh starts and new beginnings. In light of Scorpio’s ruling planet, start off the season with a clean slate and experiment with a new look!

Black On Black


Accessories with an alternative edge are all the rage this season. From Coach and Givenchy’s latest runways, to the rise of the ‘Goth Girl’ trend in popular culture – dark and dramatic fashion is filling our feeds.

Lean into Scorpio's infamous mystic by experimenting with alternative, dark accessories. Try out some black statement pieces, or opt for subtle styling with gold or silver jewellery embellished with black accents and stones. After all, Scorpio is partial to a dramatic moment – and a bold new look is just what the season calls for.


Snake Motif


While Scorpio is commonly associated with the scorpion, the zodiac is also associated with the serpent!

Despite sounding intimidating, the snake – or serpent is representative of Scorpio's likeness as a water sign for renewal and rebirth. So, while the serpent may not be everyone’s go-to, Scorpios own it as a symbol of their ability to grow and thrive with change.

Shed your skin and sport your inner snake this season with our collection of snake motif accessories! Explore fine jewellery pieces or stand-out statement pieces with the snake symbols.


Dainty Profile


While Scorpios may love to stand out, they’re also strategic and incredibly loyal star signs – so why not let your accessories afford you the same loyalty?

Gold-plated and sterling silver jewellery pieces make lifelong staples you can depend on, wear after wear. Treat yourself to genuine plated pieces with a dainty profile for a personal and effortless everyday look.

Choose from a fine, sterling silver or gold plated chain necklace, or a pair of dainty earrings for everyday wear. Go on Scorpio, treat yourself!


Molten Gold


If dainty and simple isn’t what you had in mind for Scorpio season, experiment with accessories that boast unique and interesting textures instead! Silhouettes and profiles like molten and croissant style jewellery are a subtle but effective way to add a unique element to your everyday staples.

These pieces are sure to gain you a compliment, or two this Scorpio season.


Turn a new style leaf this Scorpio season with some new Lovisa pieces from our Black on Black and Boutique collections. Don’t forget to tag us in your looks for Scorpio season with the hashtag #MyLovisaStyle over on our Instagram.

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