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Dec 14 2022

Signature accessories for your star sign  


Represented by the goat, Capricorns are all about persistence, practicality and success – they make notorious nurturers and, in typical earth sign fashion, care most about their loved ones. 

If there’s one thing Capricorns loves most, it’s a plan. Whether it’s their big picture career plans, or something as simple as booking their dinner reservations three weeks in advance, Capricorns were born to be prepared. But, as detail-oriented as Capricorns are, they don’t like to be tied down to the now – they're all about future thinking.  

Grey accessories 

grey-accessories It’s no secret that Capricorns are hardworking and determined to make their dreams a reality, which they often do – almost effortlessly. Their ambition and straight-forward nature might come across black and white to some, but Capricorn thrives on their own inner-drive.  

This Capricorn season – embrace your inner go-getter and show off your confidence with an effortless, yet chic look. Style some grey accessories with a simple, yet powerful, pared back blazer and slicked back bun for a look that exudes ‘this month is all about me.’  


Sterling Silver Jewellery  


Capricorns are poised and practical creatures who can pull off a minimal look with ease. So, to complement Capricorn’s practical side – gravitate towards essential sterling silver pieces this season.  

Filling your jewellery collection with a suite of sterling staples is a great way to curate a signature look for the everyday. Treat yourself to a pair of sterling silver huggie hoops, a signature pendant necklace or sterling chain bracelet that you can wear, season after season.  


Cross Motifs  


Capricorns first and foremost value stability and tradition. They cherish their friends and family and embrace a traditional approach to life – with their own unique spin of course!  

Celebrate Capricorn’s inner earth sign with some timeless, signature styles – including cross motifs. Accessories with crosses make classic pieces that are perfect for versatile styling. Opt for a timeless, diamante encrusted cross pendant necklace for everyday wear – or add a dramatic flair to your outfit with some gothic style cross earrings this zodiac season.  


Pendant Chain Necklaces  


Embrace the modern minimalism trend this Capricorn season with our collection of versatile, chain necklaces. Pendants can by styled up or down, depending on their accents. Detail oriented Capricorns will love a traditional coin-style pendant that can be engraved for a personalised touch.  

Explore our collection of best-selling chain pendant necklaces in silver, gold, and rose gold. Or, sport your star sign with your very own zodiac pendant necklace, designed with a simple, diamante-encrusted zodiac symbol – so you can show the world your stars!  


Another month, another zodiac! Explore our Zodiac Collection for more accessories and styles for your horoscope, or head to our Initials & Zodiac Page to discover our latest Zodiac Pendants.  

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