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Dec 22 2022

From fringe to filigree and fashion favourites.  


The top trends of 2022 made way for some memorable fashion moments. Pops of vibrant colour challenged our minimalist wardrobes, and Y2K-fashion trends initiated the comeback of the infamous low-rise jean. But as we approach the end of the year and begin our annual closet clear-outs, the question of what will be trending next season looms.   

To help you get ahead of the fashion curve in 2023, we've uncovered the top trends for the year ahead — so you don't have to!  

Fringe & Tassels   


If we had to choose a muse that represented 2022 (other than Julia Fox – of course), it would be the ‘cowboy’. Western-inspired fashion was a core trend that made headlines this year, starting on the runway and making its way into our wardrobes. Cowboy boots became the norm for everyday footwear and fringe, tassels and reclaimed denim accented our outfits. So, is the western wear trend over or is it just getting started?   

As far as fashion week goes, major designers like Isabel Marant, Prada, Golden Goose and Saint Laurent all featured western-inspired pieces in their ready-to-wear collections, pointing to the continuation of the 'cowboy' trend in 2023! So, hold onto your fringe and tassel necklaces and wait for our upcoming Western Luxe collection because 'cowboy-chic' is here to stay!



Alternative Nostalgia   


The words 'Tumblr' and 'goth-girl' might resonate (a little too closely to some)...but hear us out. The all-out black outfits and smudged dark eyeliner that dominated the internet in 2014 are about to rule us once again.  

Throwback fashion sub-cultures have started to gain popularity this season, from Tweed-inspired fashion and ballet flats having their moment, to grungier ‘90s looks and alternative styling becoming the next it-girl trend once again. 

Coach, Versace and Burberry were just a few of the many labels inspired by nostalgic, gothic styling in their latest collections — with cord necklaces, chokers and gunmetal accents the new accessories of choice!   

So, put on the new album from 'The 1975' and keep your eye out for our upcoming Noughties collection with more nostalgic and alternative pieces from Lovisa coming soon!



Back to Basics & Utility Style   


The resurgence of maximalism was a major trend in 2022, with many of us turning our backs on our neutral palettes and wardrobe basics to experiment with vibrant colour instead. But will the maximalism trend soon turn on its head?   

Growing trends like 'Gorpcore' and 'Scand-style' are making way for more overblown basics and masculine silhouettes. Fashion favourites from 2022, like blazers and baggy trousers will be just as prominent — with boxier, utility-style shapes becoming the new norm.  

We’re categorising the overblown basics trend as your beloved fashion staples, only bigger! Chunky hoops, inflated hearts and oversized pearls are just a few jewellery essentials that will be everywhere this year, so – embrace the basics and neutrals in your collection once again!   




Of course, colour will always have its place – but following suit with the neutral, utility-style trend is a toned-down take on vibrant colourways. Much like the resurgence of tie-dye in recent years, muted ombres will soon take hot pink’s place on the cool-girl colourwheel – making way for the ‘watercolour’ trend.   

Brands like Marni, Poster Girl and Ganni are all alluding to muted pastels – like light pink, lilac, turquoise and amber with an emphasis on sunset-inspired pieces trending in the new year. So, experiment with your favourite muted colours in 2023 and lead the watercolour trend before anyone else.



Cut Outs   


We’d be lying if we didn’t admit to loving a geometric cut-out in our style collection, and for good reason! Leading designers like Nensi Dojaka, Tom Ford and AMBUSH carried the cut-out trend this year, experimenting with versatile shapes and chic cut-aways.   

Let your accessories follow suit next season with our range of geometric, cut-out statement earrings, perfect for every occasion!  


Texture Trend   


If you’re on team gold, 2023 is the year for you! While gold jewellery will always have its place, next season is the perfect excuse to get experimental with your everyday essentials.  

Looks from fashion week point to gold jewellery with unique textures, like filigree and molten finishes being all the rage. So, put your simple gold pieces aside and start styling unique, gold statement pieces! We’ll be gravitating towards a pair of molten texture hoop earrings and hammered pendant necklaces in the new year.   


The colour of 2023: Viva Magenta   


And of course, it wouldn’t be a trend report without revealing the upcoming colour of the season. Pantone has officially revealed that the annual colour of the year for 2023 is...Viva Magenta! Unlike your typical hues of magenta, Viva Magenta is a deep, berry-toned colour that has a dramatic autumnal feel. Prepare to see more hues of Viva Magenta in the coming months, along with many more trends to come.  


Shop our collection of western, alternative and statement accessories and sport the latest trends before anyone else. Plus, keep your eye on our Instagram for new pieces from our Coastal, Noughties and Western Luxe collections coming soon! 


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