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Dec 14 2022

Best-selling Christmas accessories to celebrate the holidays  


It’s officially December, which season has arrived! If you’re anything like us, setting up your Christmas tree in mid-November is socially acceptable (if not encouraged) and come December, your Spotify playlist is already queued with holiday hits. Which leaves just one element of Christmas cheer left, finding some Festive Accessories 

To help kick off your transition into the Christmas holidays, we’ve curated a list of some of our favourite festive accessories for your friends, family and the little ones.  

Accessories for the Christmas traditionalists  


Christmas traditions are one of the best parts of the festive season – so, why stray? Our ‘Ho Ho Ho’ drop earrings and Christmas wreath brooches are just two of our many longstanding fan-favourite festive earrings, and for good reason! 

This year, stick with tradition and shine bright into the holidays with our collection of best-selling Christmas styles. Some of our favourites include our Christmas Charm Hoop Earrings, Bejeweled Bell Brooches, and Gold Christmas Tree Earrings 


A pair of festive friends 


Looking to celebrate with some of our kitschier Christmas accessories? You can’t go wrong with some festive-themed animal earrings! 

Our range of festive animal earrings are perfect for those who love to get cute with their Christmas décor. From light up llama earrings, decorative dinosaur studs to a pair of koala bears wearing Santa hats – Christmas doesn’t get any cuter than this...  


Christmas headbands & hair accessories


Sometimes, it’s okay to let Christmas go to your head.... especially with some holiday-ready hair accessories! Explore our collection of Christmas-themed headbands, hair clips and claws – ranging from elegant reindeer ears to more eye-catching styles full of festive fun!  

We’re talking tinsel, light up headbands, even a three-tiered present hat headband – perfect for the jokesters and big kids at heart.  


Novelty holiday pieces


We all have that one aunt or uncle at Christmas lunch who loves to take Christmas to the next level. This year, come to Christmas prepared with our collection of novelty festive accessories, including our range of holiday novelty glasses! A family or friend group shot decked out in some novelty Christmas accessories is bound to make the memory book.  

Some of our fan-favourite novelty glasses include our Felt Fabric Santa Glasses, Ruldolph the Reindeer Glasses, and Decorated Christmas Tree Glasses


Looking to deck the halls with decorative Christmas accessories this year? Explore our Festive Collection for all things Christmas. Don’t forget to tag us in your holiday snaps over on our Instagram, using the hashtag #MyLovisaStyle – we can’t wait to see them!  

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