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Aug 09 2023

Must-Have Jewellery Boxes

Packing for a trip can be both exciting and stressful. From planning your outfits and sticking to weight limits, the most daunting part of any trip is deciding which pieces will make it into your suitcase. But what if we told you that you didn’t need to compromise on your go-to accessories? 

If you’re planning for an upcoming holiday, or simply looking to improve your jewellery storage at home – we’ve put together our guide to the ultimate jewellery boxes to keep your keepsakes in great condition. Discover our guide to our bestselling storage boxes, unique to your collection.  

Compact Jewellery Boxes 


If ‘less is more’ best describes your style, we have just the solution for you. Our bestselling Compact Jewellery Boxes were made with a minimalistic design – perfect for light travellers and capsule collections. 

Thoughtfully designed for size and layout, our compact jewellery boxes are tailored to house a small number of signature jewellery pieces. Each box includes a range of versatile compartments, including a section for your rings, hooks to keep your necklaces from tangling, and an open section to stack your favourite earrings or bracelets.  

Discover our wide range of compact jewellery boxes here for more storage options best suited to smaller collections.


Mix & Match Your Stack On The Go


Keep your ring stack safe with our collection of jewellery boxes, designed to keep your daintier stacking pieces safe and secure. Designed to fit all your favourite rings, discover our square storage boxes and accessorise on the go! 

Whether you’re jet-setting off overseas, packing for a weekend getaway or just want to keep your rings safe with you on the go, discover our collection of compact ring cases in a range of different colours here.


Vanity Storage


Sometimes, your jewellery collection deserves a grand stage. If, like us, your jewellery collection just keeps getting bigger each year -- it might be time to invest in a travel-friendly jewellery organiser.  

Our large, vanity-style jewellery boxes are perfect for accessory enthusiasts with an ever-growing collection. Designed with three versatile compartments, a ring tray that can fit up to sixteen rings, a section to hold your earring sets and keep your necklaces from tangling – this jewellery box means serious business.  

Plus, you can rearrange your compartments to suit the size and number of pieces in your collection. Simply remove the suede dividers to customise your layout. Discover our large jewellery organises in a soft cream or black faux leather here and give your pieces a place to call home!  


Well, there you have it! Our guide to travelling with your favourite accessories. Keep your precious pieces safe with our collection of bestselling Lovisa jewellery boxes here for more. Plus, don’t forget to tag us in your vacation looks over on our Instagram with #MyLovisa.  

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