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Jul 26 2023

Pieces for Leo Season 

This season is all about you, Leo! Whether you’re celebrating your birth month or want to celebrate a beloved Leo in your life, this season is the perfect time to be a little extra.  

Channel your inner lion this Leo season with our guide to lavish accessories, perfect for getting the attention you deserve. Stand out with diamante statement pieces, inflated heart motifs and so much more.  

Compatibility & Traits  

Ruled by the sun, Leos are confident, creative and charming. They make extroverted friends, loyal companions and can light up any room. 

Leos are renowned for their warm-hearted and magnetic charm, which makes them compatible with a broad spectrum of people. In particular, Leos have a special affinity for fellow fire signs, like Aries and Sagittarius. 

Leos are also drawn to the confident personalities of Gemini and Libra, who make good emotional support systems in their lives, so foster those relationships this Leo season! 

Star Sign Jewellery  


Looking for the perfect treat-yourself gesture or birthday gift? Discover premium pieces from the Lovisa Zodiac Collection, including signature necklaces and earring packs featuring your star sign.  

Jewellery pieces from our Zodiac Collection are plated with real gold and feature an engraved, or diamante-encrusted zodiac symbol. Sport your star sign with our bestselling Gold Plated Leo Cubic Zirconia Pendant Necklace, or Gold Plated Leo Coin Pendant Necklace.   

Add a personalised touch to your outfit or celebrate a special Leo in your life with the perfect gift from our Zodiac Collection here.  


Diamonds & Pearls


Leos love to bask in the limelight, so why not embrace the spotlight with lavish statement accessories? Discover opulent pieces that will complement your radiating personality this Leo Season from our Diamonds & Pearls Collection. Whether it's a diamond-studded necklace or a shimmering pair of drop earrings, these stand-out pieces are bound to make a statement at all your birthday festivities.

Explore our latest Diamond & Pearl pieces here and add an elegant touch to your look. 



Inflated Heart Trend  


Leos are the ultimate trendsetters! Embrace your passion for trends and fall in love with inflated heart jewellery. Puffy and 3D hearts are the latest jewellery trend flooding our feed and are the perfect accessories for adding romance to your look. From heart pendant necklaces to puffy heart drop earrings, these delightful accessories are perfect for adding charm to your look.  

Whether you're dressing up for a birthday dinner or just want to add flair to your everyday outfit for Leo Season, discover trending and popular pieces from our Heart Edit.  

Draw attention to your look with this Gold Plated Puffy Heart Necklace or Gold Plated Puffy Heart Graduating Drop Earrings for a lovable and heartwarming look.  




The 'Barbie-core' trend has made headlines and coloured our season pink, all thanks to the iconic ‘Barbie’ movie that’s made waves around the globe. Embody the Barbie-core trend by recreating some of Margot Robbie’s (AKA Barbie’s) infamous looks from the Barbie press tour.  

Discover all things fabulous from our Pink and Diamonds & Pearls Collection and add a touch of glamour to your outfit! Channel your inner Barbie with a pastel pink hair claw, pair of diamante embellished statement earrings, or a hot pink chunky necklace.  

Enter your Barbie era with pieces from our Pink Collection here for more. Afterall, you can be anything during Leo Season!  



There you have it Leo, lavish pieces to complete your outfits during Leo Season! Discover our Pink, Diamond & Pearls and Zodiac Collections for more style inspiration, and don’t forget to tag us in your Leo looks over on our Instagram with #MyLovisa.  

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