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May 18 2023

Embellish your look  


It’s officially Gemini season, which means it’s time to channel your inner twin! Geminis are known for their outgoing, confident and inquisitive nature - but also make loyal friends and irreplaceable companions!  

Ruled by planet Mercury, Geminis thrive on communication and curiosity! When Geminis are passionate about something, they can’t help but share it with the world. Their 'twin-like' duality means that they're always evolving and on the hunt for the next trend. 

This year is all about reflection for Geminis, with an emphasis on approaching things with more caution than usual for exciting rewards and long-term gain in the future. This year is also beneficial for strengthening your relationships with your compatible star signs, Aries, Leo, Libra and Aquarius.  

Zodiac & Horoscope Pendants 


Let the world know it’s your birth month with our range of premium zodiac pendants! Our Zodiac Collection contains a range of pendant necklaces and ear stacks, perfect for personalising your look.  

Choose from our two pendant types, one with a cursive front, and the other with a diamante-encrusted horoscope symbol for a hint of glamour.  

Plus, all pieces from our Zodiac Collection are plated with real gold, so you never have to take them off! Head to our horoscope collection here and pick out a piece for you, or your Gemini bestie. 


Stacks on Stacks 


Geminis are known and loved for their vibrant personalities! People with Gemini placements in their chart are admired for their intellect, but are also known for their unique, creative flair. Express yourself this Gemini season and show the world your twin-like duality with our collection of colourful ear stacks!  

Explore our collection of unique and playful ear stacks from our Curated Collection and add a vibrant touch to your look! From our range of fruit motif earrings to diamante hearts and clustered studs – we've got something to add a trending touch to your look.  



At Home Nails  


DIY nails are becoming increasingly popular this year, and for good reason! Expressing yourself through nail art is an affordable and fun way to personalise your look at home. 

Skip the salon this season with our bestselling Press On Nails Collection! Adorn your fingers with our wide range of colourful press on nails in a range of different designs, unique nail stickers and adhesive nail gems.  

For Gemini season, try our Astrology Press On Nails for an on-theme look!  


Colourful Clusters  


Gemini’s birthstones are emerald and pearl, but why limit yourself to just those options? Colour your look this month with our collection of chic, cluster earrings – designed with an array of stunning tones for an impactful look.  

Our collection of cluster earrings come in all different sizes, from smaller huggies to larger statement hoops – there's a pair for everyone! From clusters featuring opal, amber or turquoise, to amethyst-inspired stones you can find a pair to match any look. 

Looking for more gemstones? Head to our Semi-Precious Collection, filled with genuine stones for a vibrant look.  



Well, there you have it Gemini – pieces for twin season! Don’t forget to tag us in your self-expression looks this month over on our Instagram, using the hashtag #MyLovisa. For more horoscope pieces, head to our Zodiac Collection for more.  


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