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May 03 2023

Recreate these iconic moments 



If you're anything like us, The Met Gala red carpet has been flooding your feed this week - filled with iconic celebrity moments from this year's benefit.

The Met Gala is one of the most anticipated fashion events of the year, with a new theme each time. This year's theme honoured the late designer, Karl Lagerfeld - titled 'Karl Lagerfeld: A Line Of Beauty,' paying tribute to his life, influence and iconic designs. 

From it-girl Alexa Chungs decorated dress with timeless pearls, to pop star Dua Lipa's archival Chanel gown - this year's red carpet was one to remember. In this blog, we're recapping some of our favourite celebrity looks, and how you can recreate them at home yourself. 

All Out Glamour with Gigi Hadid 


Having modelled for Karl Lagerfeld on both the Chanel and Fendi runway, Gigi Hadid's presence on the carpet was highly anticipated.

Hadid arrived on the red carpet wearing a stunning, sheer black bodice dress, designed by Givenchy designer Matthew Williams. The gown was adorned with Chanel's signature pearls as a nod to Lagerfeld's iconic designs - a simple, yet effective touch on the red carpet. 

For your next special occasion, replicate Hadid's look with our collection of Black and elegant, Pearl Accessories. 


Archival Chanel with Dua Lipa 


Dua Lipa stepped onto The Met steps in a gorgeous, archival Chanel gown from 1992. The gorgeous piece was originally a bridal piece, first worn by Claudia Schiffer - one of Lagerfeld's fashion muses. 

The dress was described as 'made for a princess,' and boasted a lovely, corseted bodice with black contrast stitching. Pop star Dua Lipa also paired the dress with an iconic Cartier diamond necklace. 

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Preppy Chic with Emma Chamberlain 


Since her first appearance at the Met Gala in 2021, Emma Chamberlain has made her mark - continuing to up the ante at each and every carpet. 

In honour of this year's theme, Chamberlain paid tribute to Lagerfeld's peppy side with an iconic, baby blue Miu Miu look. Emma accessorized the look with delicate, diamante accessories to complement the pared-back, timeless outfit.

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Experimentations with Alexa Chung 


Fashion it-girl, Alexa Chung, honoured Karl Lagerfeld's love for design at this year's Met Ball in a white, unique gown designed by upcoming Dublin-based Róisín Pierce.

Inspired by Lagerfield's love for experimenting with material, Alexa's gown was dotted with an array of different white accents, including small bows, laces and stitches. 

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Two-Toned Glamour with Anok Yai 


If anyone is going to steal the stage at the Met Ball, it's bound to be a supermodel! Anok Yai was just one of the many standout supermodels that turned heads on this year's carpet, including Naomi Campbell, Devon Aoki and Cara Delevigne.  

Despite the common black and white, pearl theme sported by other celebrities this year - Anok Yai went for a futuristic, waterfall dress that symbolised Lagerfelds love for forward thinking and runway designs. 



Well, that's a wrap on this year's Met Ball! Head to our Instagram and TikTok to share with us your favourite look from the runway, or tag us in your next Lovisa look. 


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