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Apr 04 2022

Take the quiz to see what trends of the ton you should don!

Dearest Reader,

The time has come to place our picks for the upcoming fashion season! Consider your style profile. Are you drawn to floral fancies like the household of Baron Featherington? Or, for you, is far more to be said for the dainty diamonds favoured by the household of the Viscountess Bridgerton? Read on, consider your character, and determine what you should be wearing for your next night out on the ton! I’ll be watching.

1. You’ve got a free afternoon. How will you occupy yourself?
A) Reading.
B) Writing.
C) Horse riding.
D) Afternoon tea and gossip.

2. You’re getting a new dress made at the modiste. What colour will you choose?
A) Pale blue.
B) Vivid pink.
C) Purple.
D) Gold.

3. Choose an embellishment to wear with your new dress.
A) Diamonds.
B) Florals and feathers.
C) Colourful jewels.
D) Lavish pearls.

4. Describe your nature in one word:
A) Kind-hearted.
B) Cunning.
C) Independent.
D) Superior.

5. A potential suitor asks for your hand for a dance. He’s a duke, though known to be rather boastful. You:
A) Have a discourse with him to determine his character.
B) Agree with enthusiasm, you can assess his character later.
C) Pretend to be called elsewhere.
D) Laugh in his face. You hardly have need for suiters, much less boastful ones.

6. What’s your preferred way to enjoy a meal?
A) A raucous family dinner.
B) Sweets and cake in bed.
C) Alone in my private parlour, enjoying a moment of peace and quiet.
D) A lavish afternoon tea.

7. The society paper features some scandalous gossip about you. How do you react?
A) Immediately lapse into a state of concern. The brighter a lady shines, the faster she may burn.
B) Pretend to be overcome with shock…but you’ve likely heard it before.
C) Shrug and move on, it will pass.
D) Do everything to prove the paper inaccurate. You despise being wrong.

8. What’s your favourite part of the social season?
A) Dressing up for the balls.
B) Hearing all the gossip.
C) Judging others.
D) Placing bets on the matches and outcomes.

9. While promenading for suitors you hear someone speak poorly of your family. You:
A) Remember the remark and discuss it with your family upon your return home.
B) Vow to seek revenge.
C) Interject and allude to the scandalous behaviour of their own family, all with a sweet smile.
D) Confront them for their impertinence!

10. What stylings do you favour?
A) Elegant. 
B) Ostentatious. 
C) Bold. 
D) Regal. 

11. You’re embroiled in a scandal! What does it involve?
A) You’ve been seen unchaperoned with a potential suitor.
B) You’re suspected of spreading gossip.
C) A love triangle.
D) You’ve been proved wrong, and the ton are basking your mistake.

Mostly As – You’re like Daphne and the Bridgertons!

Flawless, my dear! A prolific family known for their handsome sons and beautiful daughters, the Bridgerton’s are the epitome of high society.

Your style profile is refined and elegant.

Favouring a clean and classic look, you’re destined for pretty pendant pieces, dainty diamantes, pearls and elegant jewellery sets. Though you don’t shy away from fabulous styles (the family diamonds are nothing to sneer at!) you avoid statement profiles and instead favour subtle pieces with big impact.


Mostly Bs – You’re like Penelope and the Featheringtons!

Tactless Lady Featherington may be, but tasteless? Never! The Featheringtons are all about pomp and pageantry, and their flamboyant stylings make them a pleasurable family to watch.

Your style profile is playful and ostentatious.

You’re all about having fun with your stylings! You don’t shy away from colour, and you’re suited to feminine motifs like flowers, feathers and ribbons. You abide by the mantra that ‘more is more’ and you make flashy styling choices others may shy away from – how very drab of them!


Mostly Cs – You’re like Lady Danbury and the Sharmas!

Though we’d do well to remember that Lady Danbury isn’t a Sharma, we cannot forget that she sponsored them for the season. Lady Danbury and the Sharmas share a dry sense of humour, a pension for sparkling wit and an admiration of audacious stylings.

Your style profile is bold and beautiful.

Simply exquisite! You’re all about making a statement, though you keep your stylings neat and classic. Lady Danbury often sports the best jewels of the ton, frequently wearing stunning necklace and earring sets with emeralds, sapphires and rubies. Like the Sharmas, you favour warm colour palettes – opting for gold over silver.


Mostly Ds – You’re like Queen Charlotte and the royal family!

May god have mercy on their souls – the Queen is here! Equal parts sassy and smug, Queen Charlotte takes no nonsense – and neither do you!

Your style profile is extravagant and fabulous.

The bigger the better! Queen Charlotte steals the show with statement profiles, extravagant layers and matching embellished sets. She’s got a penchant for pearls, and she wears them like no other. You’re suited to opulent stylings and you can pull off ornate pieces that warier types wouldn’t dare even try. Good on you, you’re a total mood!

I hope, gentle reader, you’ve found your style profile most constructive. For more stylings, cast your eyes on the Trends of the Ton. I will have my pen ready to report on your choices.

With love,
Lady Lovisa
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