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Jun 08 2023

From Mermaid-Core to 3D Florals  


The latest fashion trends flood our feeds each and every season, seeing everything from fringe and western wear to futuristic fashion hitting the runway. But what are the trends worthy of making their mark on our personal style? We’ve recapped our favourite trending moments that we predict are here to stay.  

From Mermaid and Barbie-Core to overblown and 3D florals, these are the must-have trends you need to get your hands on! To discover what’s trending at Lovisa, head to our New In Collection for the latest accessories.  

Y2K & The Butterfly Trend


Early ‘00s fashion trends have officially come back in fashion, with Gen Z embracing fashion statements that defined the early 2000s – including low-rise jeans, crop tops and bejeweled accessories. 

While the thought of reverting back to noughties fashion might make some cringe, we can assure that the trend has left the fashion travesty’s of yesterday behind (we’re talking about you capri pants and skirts). Instead, Y2K fashion has been embraced with fresh eyes and a futuristic spin.  

Celebrities like Dua Lipa and Olivia Rodrigo have been pioneers of the Y2K trend resurgence in pop culture, particularly showing off their love for all things butterfliesButterfly motifs have been popping up everywhere, from mini butterfly hair clips, to bedazzled charms on anklets, butterfly pendants and more.  

The butterfly trend has even been spotted on the runway, with major designers like Ganni and Blumarine incorporating them into their Spring and Fall Collections.   

Style the Y2K butterfly trend yourself with must-have accessories from our Butterfly Edit.  



Barbie-Core & The Influence of Margot Robbie 


We’ve all heard of Astronaut Barbie from the ‘60s and Totally Hair Barbie from the ‘90s, but what about Trendy Barbie in 2023? In light of the new ‘Barbie’ film being released this year - it's safe to say that Barbie is officially making a comeback.  

When paparazzi photos were snapped of Ryan Gosling and Margot Robbie as their Ken and Barbie duo in Venice Beach last year, everyone started reclaiming all things pink and playful in their wardrobes.  

The popularity of the film has kicked off the new ‘Barbie-Core’ trend, with major designers like Versace and Valentino embracing hues of hot pink in their Spring and Fall Collections. Alongside dressing pretty in pink and glittery accents, pastels and big hair have also been embraced in honour of Barbie-Core.  

Be whoever you want to be this season with our collection of Barbie-inspired accessories, including glitter drop earrings, enamel rings, hot pink necklaces and so much more.  



Overblown & 3D Florals 


Overblown florals and corsages first peaked in the ‘90s, when style icons and characters like Carrie Bradshaw started sporting the trend with everyday outfits. While corsages may have been an accessory reserved for formal occasions and proms, the trend has now become synonymous with some of the world's biggest ‘it-girls,’ with names like Bella Hadid and Matilda Djerf styling florals in their wardrobe. 

Overblown florals aren’t reserved for just spring either! The trend made headlines this year during Fall Fashion Week and is predicted to stay in rotation as the seasons change.  

From gold, ornate earrings featuring garden motifs to fabric accessories like choker necklaces – we’re seeing overblown florals all over our feed right now. Style the trend yourself with accessories from our Botanical Collection and enter your floral era. 


Mermaid-Core & The Little Mermaid Aesthetic 


Oceanic vibes have made their way from the shoreline and onto the runway with the latest ‘mermaid-core’ trend! In light of the new The Little Mermaid movie released this year, the experimental ‘mermaid-core’ trend has grown in popularity – filling our collections with sequins, shells and hues of blue. 

From mermaid-inspired makeup, hairstyles and jewellery – the ‘mermaid-core’ aesthetic has influenced collections on the runway to trendsetters on TikTok, gaining over 14.8 billion views on the app. Embody your inner Halle Bailey and embellish your look with accessories from our Coastal Collection to style the trend yourself!



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