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Jun 29 2023

Style the latest hair accessories  

This year, we’ve officially entered our hair era. From Dyson Air Wrap tutorials to perfecting a sleek and slicked bun – the trends of Hair-Tok have impacted the way we style our luscious locks.  

If you’ve been following hair trends as closely as we have, you’d know that volume is everything. Curtain bangs, butterfly cuts and layers have defined 2023 as a year for big and voluminous hair - with muses like Matilda Djerf proving that often your hair can be your biggest accessory. Whether you’re wearing your hair down or complementing your outfit with a claw clip, headband or scrunchie – styling your hair is the ultimate way to show off your own unique style.  

From handbag hair essentials to statement pieces that can instantly elevate your outfit – we're talking to the top hair trends and accessories we’ve seen in 2023 so far. 

Hair Gems & Jewels  


The revival of Y2K fashion hasn’t stopped at low rise jeans, it’s coming for our hair too. Bedazzling your hair is a trend we didn’t predict to make a comeback this year – but it’s safe to say we’re glad it did. 

What was once a trend that defined the noughties, hair gems have been seen on everyone from celebrities on the red carpet to Eras Tour concert goers, becoming an experimental way to show off your personality. Transform your hairstyle with our collection of colourful hair gems and stampers – style the mermaid hair trend with our pack of multi-coloured gems, or opt for a lovable look with our heart-shaped gem pack.  



To apply your hair gems, start by opening your Hair Gem Stamper by lifting the pink leaver, then loading your desired pack of gems into the disc – making sure the gems align with the holes in the centre. Click the lever back into place, then position a strand of hair in-between the stamp – clamping shut to apply the gems. Repeat to achieve your desired look and you’re ready to go!  

To remove the hair gems at the end of your night, simply brush through your hair with a comb or peel the gems off individually to remove. Discover more vibrant gems at our Jewels & Gems Collection here for more.  


Model Off-Duty Claw Clips 


The claw clip trend is everywhere right now, from simple tortoiseshell claws for a model off-duty look – to statement style clips that give your outfit added interest and detail.  

Styled by it-girls like Kendall Jenner and Sofia Riche, the claw clip trend has become a chic hair accessory that can instantly elevate your look. Whether you’re running errands, attending a workout class or even a special event, there’s a claw clip to suit the occasion. 



The hair claw is a quintessential hair accessory that defined hair in the ‘90s. Loved for its versatility and simplicity, claw clips are now available in a range of shapes and sizes to accommodate all different hair types. Explore our Claw Clip Collection and discover our range of timeless and statement style claw clips.


Hair Ribbons & Bows 


The ballet-core trend that made headlines last season is still going strong! The fashion trend gained traction by effortlessly blending fashion genres – taking the elegant edge of ballet fashion with the sought after ‘cool girl’ aesthetic. Influenced by fashion powerhouses like Miu Miu and Ganni, this trend has brought back humble hair ribbons in a new and exciting way!  

Ribbons and bows are the ultimate way to add a feminine and trendy touch to your outfit. Elevate a half-up look with our Large Fabric Bow Clips, or add charm to a messy bun or ponytail with a simple ribbon.  



Padded Headbands 


Headbands have reached new heights, literally. The padded headband trend has been an accessory staple in our collections for decades. But, it wasn’t until Prada’s 2019 runway that padded headbands were an instant sell out – reigniting the trend from our Gossip Girl days (thanks to you, Queen B).  

With everyone from Keke Palmer to Kate Middleton styling headbands, the beauty of the trend is it’s versatility. Choosing a unique colour or texture can instantly personalise your look and complement your outfit, a hack to instantly look put together.  

Enter your Blair Waldorf era and explore our collection of chic headbands here for more.  



Oversized Scrunchies


Oversized accessories are having their moment, including bigger and better hair scrunchies. While hair scrunchies first made their mark in fashion back in the ‘60s, they dwindled by the early ‘2000s and have made their way back into the spotlight.



Oversized scrunchies have been spotted on the runway and celebrity muses like Lizzo, channelling a reinvented version of a nostalgic ‘90s accessory. Whether you want to accentuate a messy bun, or give flair to a high ponytail – scrunchies are perfect for adding a pop of interest and colour to your look. The bolder, the better! Embrace the oversized trend with pieces from our Scrunchies Collection here.


There you have it, the top trends defining hair this year! Explore trending pieces from our Hair Collection here for the latest in hair, and don’t forget to tag us in your looks using #MyLovisa over on our Instagram and TikTok.


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