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Mar 08 2023


Discover the trends of the season  


Each year, hundreds of designers across the globe prepare collections for Fall Fashion Week. From Milan, Paris, London and New York – leading label fill runways with the season’s top trends.  

From viral pop culture moments, like a Jennifer Coolidge look-a-like at the Milan Diesel Show, to Coperni’s latest collection featuring robots in Paris – FW23 has been a season to remember. 

In this blog, we’re recapping the top collections and global trends from Fashion Week, and the key styling takeaways for the season!  

A tribute to Vivienne Westwood  


At Paris Fashion Week this month, Andreas Kronthaler paid tribute to his late wife, fashion pioneer, activist, and much-loved icon, Vivienne Westwood. 

In honour of Westwood and her notable impact on the fashion world, Kronthealer showcased a collection that paid homage to the life of Vivienne – embracing the rebellious mark her legacy left on the world.  

From baby doll dresses made of deadstock fabrics, versatile shredded knitwear and a whole lot of print – the collection captures Westwood’s vibrant and eccentric personality and her love of punk-inspired fashion.  

This season, sport alternative accessories from our Black On Black Collection for a punk, timeless look.  

A New Era for Burberry  


Burberry has officially entered a new era, one led by the former Bottega Veneta Creative Director, Daniel Lee! Known for its trench coats and classic silhouettes - the iconic British label is switching things up and embracing all things modern. 

Burberry hard launched its re-brand during London Fashion Week this month, with its latest collection featuring bold colours, expert tailoring and revamped details to timeless knits, coats and blankets. 

Embrace colour and modern styling this season with pieces from our Colour Collection 


Hollywood Glam with Ferragamo


Hollywood, where stars are made, and fashion thrives! This season’s Ferragamo show was inspired entirely by Hollywood and its history. Having designed footwear for Hollywood films in the 1930s - Creative Director, Salvatore Ferragamo, was inspired by the wardrobes of Hollywood stars throughout the decades.  

From sleek silhouettes, tailored suits to stylish mini dresses, the Fall Ferragamo collection was inspired by the glamour of Hollywood muses like Marilyn Monroe and their beloved style of dressing.  

Throughout this collection, we saw an emphasis on hues like navy, grey and black – as well as shiny gold hardware and accessories.  

Channel a touch of old Hollywood glamour in your wardrobe by styling our collection of bestselling gold plated hoop earrings for a sophisticated edge.  


Futurism In Fashion with Coperni  


Following last season’s viral spray-painted dress on Bella Hadid, Coperni set the bar high for wow factor on the runway, a bar they raised yet again following their Fall/Winter 23 show this month.  

Following suit with their theme of technology, Coperni's runway featured robotic dogs that interacted with the models - holding handbags and participating in grand reveals. 

The yellow robots were just as involved in the show as the models at Paris Fashion Week and questions and comments on the relationship between us and technology.  

The collection itself featured the different construction and functions of materials and embraced the trend of comfort that stemmed from the pandemic. From hooded tops, and capes to shimmery mini dresses – the collection was equally functional and chic.

Two Worlds With Acne Studios


Acne Studio’s Fall/Winter collection was inspired by the brand’s roots, centred around the beauty of dark winters in Stockholm - where the brand began. Creative Director, Jonny Johansson, described the collection as “rooted in nature, with futuristic views,” and showcased pieces that contrasted urban life with nature.  

A mix of forest-inspired pieces, designed with hues of greens, purple and brown scattered the runway, juxtaposed with futuristic, urban-style pieces. The show kicked off with a model in a green dress, covered in foliage – a theme that continued throughout the show, with a mix of alternative-evening wear weaved in.  

This season, experiment with earthy hues and alternative pieces for a chic, yet grungy finish. 


'Polly Pocket Play' With Loewe


The Loewe runway show at Fall Fashion Week was an intriguing, experimental show – set on a stark white runway lined with giant confetti cubes. 

In true Loewe fashion, the show demonstrated a modern, surreal twist on texture and unique materials, turning timeless silhouettes into distinctive pieces.  

Dubbed ‘Polly Pocket’ inspired by trendsetters on TikTok, the collection designed by Creative Director Jonathon Anderson is an exploration of modern surrealism. From patterned printed silk gowns, to surreal ‘toy-style’ leather pieces. 

Style the trend yourself with our collection of colourful, coated statement earrings and matte accessories for a playful, yet elevated look. 


Moschino Goes Avant Garde 


Designer label Moschino entered their avant garde, punk-astro era this season, showing off a drama-filled collection at Fall Fashion Week, featuring mohawks, houndstooth and lots of colour!  

Inspired by painter, Salvador Dali – Creative Director for the label, Jeremy Scott, wanted to replicate the style of the artist’s work. Now you might be thinking, what does surrealist art have to do with punk fashion? Well, this season’s Moschino show was a blend of the two, avant-garde worlds.  

Jeremy Scott opened the show with pieces designed to replicate the dripping paint from the famous artwork ‘Melting Clock’ or ‘The Persistence of Memory.’ As well as distorted patterns, melted florals and button details – taking a spin on classic silhouettes like biker jackets and suit skirts.  

Embody the avant garde, punk-astro trend with dramatic statement pieces. Explore our collection of unique statement earrings and necklaces for a bold finish to your look.

There you have it, the top trends and collections from this year’s Fall/Winter Fashion Week! From punk and alternative styling to unique textures and silhouettes – this year’s shows were ones to remember. Don’t forget to tag us in your trending looks over on our Instagram with the #MyLovisaStyle, and explore our New In Collection for pieces to suit the season. 


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