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Jan 31 2023

Pieces for Gifting, Galentine’s & Getting Date Ready 

Whether you’re prepping for date night, planning Galentine’s with the girls, or simply looking to spoil yourself this Valentine’s Day – we've put together the ultimate guide to pieces perfect for all your V-day plans!  

From sentimental gifts, to the perfect accent pieces for date night – we've got a little something for everyone. 

Dressing for Date Night & Galentine's Day  


If date night is on your Valentine’s Day agenda and you want to dress to impress, complete your look with standout accessories from our Diamonds & Pearls Collection 

As the name suggests, pieces from this collection are embellished with delicate diamantes and elegant freshwater pearls – the perfect finishing touch for date night or Galentine’s with the girls!  

Elevate a simple, understated look for Valentine’s Day with a pair of Diamante Heart Drop Earrings for a fitting finish, or go full glam with some diamante statement accessories. 



Embrace the love in the air this Valentine’s Day by adding a romantic flair to your date night look with some timeless gold pieces!  

Embellished jewellery from our premium Boutique Collection are plated with real gold and feature timeless silhouettes. Incorporate pieces with romantic details, like fine gold chains and encrusted crystals for a sophisticated touch to your look.  

Opt for warm-toned, gold plated pieces with a hint of sparkle, like our signature cocktail ring for a simple, yet elegant finish.  




Add some personality to your V-Day look with our collection of colourful and unique Press On Nails, perfect for special occasions! 

Complete your look and dress for your date with our theme fitting, Pink Heart Design Nails! Or style our mix-match, Floral & Flower Press On’s for your Galentine’s Drinks.  

Our collection of press on nails are a popular and affordable alternative to the salon, perfect for one-wear events! Simply apply to clean, polish-free nails for an elevated and unique finish! 



Your Guide to Valentine’s Day Gifting  

Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to make your partner feel special! But, before you go out and splurge on the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day – make sure you’ve thought about your partner’s preferences!  

Usually, the best gifts are typically things your loved one admires or gravitates towards, but would never buy for themself. Our number one tip, think of the sentimental things before you go reaching for a box of chocolates this Valentine’s Day!  


Gifting Sentimental Jewellery Pieces for Valentine’s Day  

When shopping for a sentimental piece of jewellery to gift your loved one, make sure you take note of the jewellery they wear day to day. Do they already have a pendant necklace they never take off, or a signature ring they wear almost everywhere? Take note and try to avoid gifting sentimental jewellery your partner already has, unless it’s a style they can pair or layer with that piece!  

Perhaps your loved one has been searching for a pair of statement earrings for formal events, or rybe they’ve been searching for an everyday bracelet or bangle? This is the perfect time to gift them a piece they’ve been looking for.  


This year, go beyond chocolates and flowers for Valentine’s Day! Our gift-ready, Diamond Simulant Collection is full of glamorous jewellery pieces, encrusted with stunning cubic zirconia crystals for added luxury.  

From a set of crystal gold petal drop earrings to standout jewellery sets, our Diamond Simulant Collection is full of gifts that say, ‘I love you.’ 

Explore our range of romantic and sentimental gifts, packaged in a premium Lovisa gift box here and find the prefect piece this Valentine’s Day.  



If you’re looking for something simple, yet sentimental to gift your partner this Valentine’s Day, explore understated gifts from our Cubic Zirconia Collection instead!  

Crafted from the same cubic zirconia crystals as our Diamond Simulants range, but with daintier profiles and simple silhouettes. Gift your significant other a timeless lock and key pendant necklace, or a pair of heart shaped crystal drop earrings as a token of appreciation this V-day.  


For more Valentine’s or Galentine’s Day inspiration, visit our Valentine’s Day Edit for more date-ready accessories, or visit our Instagram and TikTok for styling and gifting content!  

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