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Jan 18 2023

Unique pieces for your star sign  

New year, new season! The new year is well and truly here which’s officially Aquarius season! Ruled by planet Uranus, Aquarius is governed by intention and innovation. Known for their blue-sky thinking, creativity and compassion – Aquarius is a loveable and motivated star sign with big ambitions and even bigger social circles.   

While Aquarius’ all share similar qualities, they're a zodiac best known for their individuality. Afterall, Paris Hilton, Harry Styles and Megan Thee Stallion are just three famous Aquarians with their own unique personalities, and sense of style!  

The Colour Blue  


Aquarius’ are often mistaken as water signs because of their zodiac symbol ‘the water bearer.’ Plus, having ‘aqua’ at the start of the name doesn’t help aid confusion!  

While all might suggest this zodiac placement as a water sign, Aquarius is an air sign through and through. Like a breath of fresh air, Aquarius are sociable communicators with a lively, head-strong spirit. Once Aquarius makes up their mind, they stick to it – all guns blazing!  

So, to honour Aquarius’ eccentric nature and association with all things blue, accessorise with some unique, aqua pieces this zodiac season! 


Gemstone Accessories  


Embrace your unique qualities this Aquarius season with pieces from our Semi Precious collection.

Made from genuine, semi-precious gemstones – jewellery pieces from this collection are completely unique, with no two stones made the same! Much like you, Aquarius.  

Amethyst, Garnet, Turquoise, Jade, Labradorite and Aquamarine are all gemstones associated with the Aquarius star sign – so take your pick! Sport your birthstone with some Amethyst encrusted accessories, or experiment with jade or turquoise stones for pieces with a calming quality.  


Unique Everyday Essentials   


Aquarius has an effortless way of putting their own unique spin on anything and everything, including their signature everyday essentials 

Why keep things simple, when Aquarius could opt for something a little more ‘them.’ This zodiac season, gravitate towards accessories with their own unique qualities – like a pair of heart or coin motif huggie earrings, or a signature necklace with a textured pendant.  


Gold Plated Accessories  


This year, gold statement accessories will be all the rage! So Aquarius, lead the trend and treat yourself to some standout gold-plated pieces to fill your jewellery collection. 

For a personal touch, experiment with plated pieces that feature organic textures and embellishments, like freshwater pearls and gemstones for a point of difference. Molten gold, filigree and organic bends are on-trend pieces that will set your everyday essentials apart from the rest! 


A new year, a new zodiac! Find pieces for your star sign from our Zodiac Collections, or explore our Gold Plated, Semi Precious and Blue Collections for more. 

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