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Mar 07 2023

A guide to styling timeless, everyday pieces


As lovers of fashion, it's always thrilling to keep up with the newest trends and maintain a fresh wardrobe. However, there's a new 'anti-trend' emerging - the art of signature looks. 

During the pandemic, we were freed from the pressures of keeping up with the latest trends. Comfort and individuality became the new norm, and many have embraced wearing similar styles each day. Cue signature looks - by curating a collection of everyday pieces, daily dressing becomes a breeze, and your confidence will soar knowing you look great every time you step outside.  

So, what is a signature look and how do I find mine?


Like a written signature, a signature look is something that encapsulates and represents your identity. Think Anna Wintour's sleek bob or Coco Chanel's iconic pearl necklaces - your signature look is uniquely you! 

Curating your everyday jewellery collection is a great way to start defining your signature style. Investing in a few key pieces can elevate your look, tie together any outfit and exude timeless elegance. Ready to start your journey towards discovering your signature look? Here's our guide to picking signature jewellery pieces for everyday wear. 

Gold or silver? Finding your tone. 

The first step when finding a signature look is discovering what works for you and sticking to it! When it comes to jewellery, choosing a metal is a good place to start.  

A rule of thumb is to choose a metal that best complements your skin tone. If you have a warm skin tone with yellow undertones, opt for gold or rose gold jewellery to make your complexion glow. On the other hand, white metals such as rhodium, titanium, and silver pop against cooler-toned complexions with pink undertones.  

But fashion rules are made to be broken. For the more adventurous, mixing metals is a way to further personalise your everyday jewellery ensemble. Layered necklaces and rings stacks can look great with a mixture of silver, gold and rose gold pieces! Explore our Sterling Silver, Gold Plated and Rose Gold ranges to find pieces to add to your look. 



Your materials matter! 

When it comes to jewellery, selecting quality materials is key for longevity. Genuine gold and sterling silver plated pieces look better, last longer and can be affordable too! 

Sterling Silver is a great choice for everyday pieces due to its durable nature. To keep your silver shining, clean and polish your pieces with a soft cloth and mild soap and avoid exposure to harsh chemicals. Sterling Silver is also hypoallergenic, so it won’t irritate sensitive skin or tarnish easily. 

If gold is your preference, opt for genuine Gold Plated jewellery. Pieces that are coated in gold won’t oxidise and are resilient to corrosion. Paired with a high-quality base metal like silver or brass, Gold Plated jewellery can be worn day in and day out. 

Keeping your silhouette simple 



The best part about having a signature look, is knowing that it will never go out of fashion. To achieve a timeless look, opt for pieces with simple silhouettes. 

Pendant necklaces are a great everyday accessory and can be styled to enhance any outfit. Layer pendant necklaces of different lengths, metals and designs to add a point of interest to a basic outfit or wear one alone for a touch of understated elegance. Personalise your look by choosing meaningful symbols and motifs such as locket charms, semi-precious stones, initials, or zodiac signs.  


Stacks on Stacks



A ring stack is a great way to showcase your personality through your jewellery. Start with one or two rings on each hand for a minimalist look or stack them up to make a statement. If you are a drawn towards statement rings (maximalists we see you!), limit yourself to one statement ring per hand and pair them with simple bands of varying widths, textures, and metals. For a timeless look, we recommend experimenting with signet, dome-shaped and baguette-textured rings for a modern-inspired finish.   


Styling everyday earrings 


When selecting signature earrings, comfort and practicality are just as important as style. Stud earrings and huggie hoops are light and can be worn comfortably throughout the day. 

Make sure to pick high-quality earrings that are genuine plated and opt for hypoallergenic materials if you have sensitive ears. If you have multiple piercings, experiment with mix and matching your metals and motifs to create a unique stack!  


Lastly, don’t forget to have fun! Experiment with different combinations until you find a look you can envision wearing every day. While options are endless, your signature jewellery collection should be made of pieces that feel the most YOU and are cohesive with your everyday wardrobe and routine. 

For more inspiration, visit our Instagram page and TikTok account to see what others in the Lovisa Community are wearing. 

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