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Nov 02 2022

Memorable gifts that don’t compromise on quality 

Finding a quality piece of jewellery to spoil your loved ones (or yourself) during the festive season doesn’t need to be expensive. Stick to your budget during the holidays with our collection of budget-friendly gifts that don’t compromise on quality

Sterling Silver Jewellery


Jewellery pieces crafted with genuine 925 sterling silver make great gifts that will last a lifetime. As one of the most durable metals you can buy, sterling silver is renowned for being a cost-effective and tarnish-resistant jewellery option – without the hefty price tag! 

Gift your loved ones a new signature piece they can wear time again from our Sterling Silver Collection. Choose from a pair of staple sterling silver studs, fine hoop earrings or a sentimental pendant necklace and spoil your loved ones this festive season.  


Genuine Gold Plated Pieces


Quality, gold accessories can often come with a premium price tag – but pieces from our Gold-Plated Collection are chic and affordable alternatives that will wow your loved ones.  

Our Gold-Plated Collection is crafted with 925 sterling silver and plated with genuine gold for a premium finish. Choose from timeless, gold-plated pieces and surprise your loved ones with a sentimental piece they can wear each and every day. 

Note sure what motifs or styles your loved ones will like? Classic styles, like figaro and rope chains, or croissant and baguette textures are fail-safe silhouettes for gifts with an elevated edge.


Plated Semi-Precious Gifts


Jewellery pieces embellished with semi-precious gemstones, like amethyst or opals, make personal and meaningful gifts. Crafted from naturally forming minerals, gemstones from our Plated Semi-Precious Collection are all inherently unique, so no two stones are the same! 

This unique quality makes them great, sentimental gifts that can be tailored to those on your gift list. Choose pieces encrusted with your loves ones birthstone or favourite crystal for a personal touch.  

Explore genuine plated pieces from our new Plated Semi-Precious Collection, and gift your nearest a unique, one of a kind piece for the festive season.  


Precious Pieces 


Your loved ones are precious, so they deserve some precious pieces! 

Gift your loved ones a new, signature staple with accessories from our Precious Pieces Collection. Jewellery from our Precious Pieces Collection are designed with classic silhouettes and plated with genuine materials – perfect for the modern-day minimalists in your life.  

Choose from our selection of quality, yet budget-friendly accessories – from a pair of everyday gold hoops, or a timeless pendant necklace that your nearest and dearest will love.


Gift a quality piece this festive season with accessories from our Sterling Silver, Gold Plated, Plated Semi-Precious and Precious Pieces collections. 

If you’re unsure of what to get your loved ones this festive season, gift them a shopping spree instead.

Head to our gift card portal and let your nearest and dearest pick out their own unique piece for the holidays.  

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