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May 24 2022

4 Creative Ways to Accessorise with Chokers.

Our favourite ‘90s trend is back, baby! Chokers have dominated the trends in a big way this year. They’ve been spotted all over the red carpets, with elegant styles popping up at the SAG awards and the Oscars and more daring looks showcased at Met Gala and more recently at the Billboard Music Awards. And you can see why, they’re a total vibe.

But how to wear them? Read on for four fun ways to style chokers!

1. Fine & Fancy

Stack them up! Create a custom look by layering several finer pieces together. This look really pops if you play with shape and texture. Pair a block-coloured ribbon with metal tones and add a touch of sparkle with pearl or diamante embellishments. Pair them with some matching earrings and you’re good to go!


2. Chunky Layers

Bulkier is better! For a statement look, layer thick chains together. Don’t forget to play with shape and texture – and get creative with your combinations. Here, we’ve layered a glamourous diamante-embellished choker with a cheeky velvet band featuring a heart motif. The combination of old-style glamour with street trends is cute and creative – and it really makes for a unique statement look.


3. Golden Hour

It’s heating up! We love a look that showcases gold tones. They inject warmth into your wardrobe in the cooler months, or if worn in summer gold keeps your look bright and playful. Pair a statement gold choker with matching earrings for a sophisticated yet retro look. The absence of bling also makes it incredibly versatile – a perfect jewellery look day or night.


4. Glitz and Glam

How hopelessly Hollywood! We love a ‘dressed to the nines’ look. To recreate it, pair a chunky diamante-embellished choker with statement earrings. Be sure to choose pieces with the same coloured setting (gold, silver or rose gold) to keep it coordinated and ensure those crystal tones pop! This look works day or night – wear it during the day to make a statement, or in the evening with a dressier outfit for a truly glamorous look.


There you have it! Four fun ways to style chokers. Shop our Choker Collection and show us your style by tagging #MyLovisaStyle. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

With love,


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