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Feb 14 2022

5 Tips for Layering Chains like a Pro.

Have you ever been late because you’re trying to choose the perfect outfit? Which shoes…which earrings, what bag…this or that. Then, before you know it, there’s a pile of clothes and accessories on your bed, you’re supposed to have left already and the ride service you use is surging.

In these instances, the layering trend is your friend! You don’t have to choose just one! Forget agonising over the perfect choice…when it comes to chain necklaces – the more the merrier. Read on for tips on mastering this fuss-free trend.  

 1. Great Lengths

Playing with different lengths is key! You’ll want to layer at least two different chain lengths together so that you can show off each chain and they don’t become a tangled mess. What you’re wearing will dictate how long you want your necklaces to fall: if you’re wearing a cute tee, start with a choker-length chain and opt for shorter layers. If you’re sporting a plunging neckline, make a statement with longer layers. That’s the long and the short of it!


2. Thick and Thin

Experiment with different textures and choose different types of chains for an eye-catching look. Our chains are labelled by type: rope, mariner, figaro, paperclip, spiga, snake, herringbone, box…the options are endless! Get creative and layer several different types together, and go for a mix of thick and fine chains.


3. Watch Your Tone

Who said you had to stick to one metal? There are no rules here! While keeping all your chains the same colour lends a classic look, spice things up by mixing and matching. Layering gold and silver together lends your outfit an edgy look, while pairing gold with rose gold looks romantic and silver and rose gold have an ethereal quality when paired together. Decide what vibe your after and go from there! Sandwich a different coloured chain between two matching tones, or wear one of each.


4. Charming, Darling

Charms are a fun way to bring some personality into your chain layers, and they add an eye-catching focal point. If you’re feeling creative, curate a personalised necklace by adding individual charms to your chains. After a fuss-free solution? Choose a layered necklace that’s already got all the bells and whistles!


5. Bling it Back

Take your layers to the next level by incorporating additional embellishments and other materials other than traditional metals. Here, we’ve chosen a diamante-studded pendant to add some dazzle – but you could also opt for pieces with cubic zirconia or diamond simulants.

If you’re not into bling, choose another material to mix things up. Pearls, colourful beds, gems and shells will also do the trick!


There you have it! Now, check out our chains and layered necklaces to get your stacking started!


With love,

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