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Jan 31 2022

Get Your Hair-ppily Ever After!

We’ve all heard the saying ‘something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue’ – supposedly a recipe for good fortune on your wedding day and beyond. That’s all well and good, but the ‘something old’ shouldn’t be your styling! Here are eight fresh ways to incorporate accessories into your hair for the big day.

1. Headbands


Headbands are a great alternative to traditional veils, and their designs can be as classic or as modern as you choose. They look lovely with longer hairstyles, particularly when paired with romantic curls.

2. Tiaras

For the princesses at heart! Tiaras really put the ‘fairytale’ in ‘fairytale wedding!’ To style them, wear them with gently tousled hair for a softer look, or go full regal and wear them with an up-do. Tiaras present a fantastic opportunity to accessorise as they look stunning when worn with complementary earrings.

3. Pins and Bobbies

From taming flyaway hairs to giving your up-do a unique finish, pins and bobbies offer a chic way to personalise your hairstyle. Incorporate pearl or crystal finishes into your bun or add depth and texture to longer hairstyles with diamante slide-in pins.

4. Clips and Combs

Embellished clips and combs slip nicely into your styling, conjuring an instant 1920s glam ‘je ne sais quoi’ without overpowering your outfit. They can be styled with both longer and shorter hairstyles. Wear them at the back of swept hairstyles for a youthful, elegant look.

Alternatively, incorporate them into a tousled bun or a sleek up-do. This works particularly well with larger statement combs. Or if you have shorter hair, wear it down and slip a comb onto one side. 

5. Bows

Bows offer a stunning option for brides that want a statement hair feature but don’t want to wear a veil. Statement bows are highly feminine, and they toe the line between modern and classic styling. They come in a variety of styles and colours and offer a versatile option for the wider bridal party too as blush and other muted options look lovely on bridesmaids and flower girls alike.

6. Vines

Effortlessly chic and elegant, vines can be draped over almost any formal hairstyle to tie a bridal look together. Most brides opt for crystal and pearl studded styles, but floral charms are becoming increasingly popular and subtle flourishes of colour add a personal touch. While most vines are worn in a drape style, finer vines can be incorporated into a braid for a modern twist. 

7. Halos

Halos are similar to vines, but instead of being worn as a feature at the back of the head they usually sit at the front, slightly back from the hairline creating a crownlike ‘halo’ effect. Conjuring Grecian stylings, Halos give your bridal look an otherworldly effect.

8. Florals

Cause not all girls are into diamonds and pearls! Floral hair pieces lend a relaxed elegance to bridal looks and are perfect for outdoor weddings – particularly for beach and garden settings. They’re also a popular option for bridesmaids, as different designs can be worn by each person to create variety while still sticking to a theme.

Which look did you like best? Check out our Bridal Party Collection for more styles!

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