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Jun 07 2022

Get the Lowdown on This Top-Trending Colour. 

Pink is colour of the moment! When Pantone announced periwinkle blue as the colour for 2022 (following on from ‘ultimate grey’ in 2021) you could almost hear the collective groan from the fashion industry (metaphorically speaking, of course!) Sure, blue’s nice and all – but after two years of lockdowns and pandemic-related crisis management…surely we’re due for something with a little more oomph?

Enter pink. It’s. A. Vibe.

On the fashion shopping app Lyst, searches for pink items have increased by 24% in the past month alone. Google Shopping Stats decree searches for 'pink earrings’ have gone up by 100%. Pink is all over the couture runways – from Alexander McQueen to Dior, Versace to Valentino.

Likewise, it’s been huge on the red carpets this year – from the Oscars to the Met Gala, everyone’s tickled pink!

But why is pink the trend to try? Here’s 5 reasons we love this blushing colour!

1. It’s Fun!

Come on, you can’t help but smile when you’re decked out in pink! No doubt about it, pink is vibrant and playful. It gives your outfit that little positive boost, a certain je ne sais quoi. Whether you’re wearing bold pink hoops or blush-hued drop earrings, pink is here for a good time.

2. It Makes a Bold Statement

No matter how you identify, wear pink and let colour do the talking! When women wear pink, it’s unapologetically feminine. When men wear it, it affirms confidence and style. It’s an in-your-face colour that pulls no punches – and we love that!

3. It Can Look Retro or Modern

Talk about timeless! Whatever decade you’re talking to, pink delights through the ages. Go for a funky pink chain and layer it with gold for a playful 90s look, pair pink with black accessories for an 80s punk twist or opt for muted blush tones and rose-gold settings for a modern look. Pink can do it all!

4. It’s Sophisticated

Get ready to channel boss vibes, because pink is effortlessly chic. For a sophisticated spin on this classic colour, opt for more subtle pink hues: blush, baby pink or rose-tinged nude tones. Wear them with white or beige and keep things classic.

5. It’s Trending!

What can we say, it’s the unofficial colour of 2022 and we’re here for it! It’s a delight to see such a fun colour dominating the trends. The industries taken notes from the Elle Woods school of fashion, and we certainly don’t object.

There you have it, 5 reasons why we love pink! We can’t wait to see all your looks once you shop our Pretty in Pink Collection. Go on, get creative and turn our feed pink.

With love,


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